Access Platform Design Technology

Global Platforms Ltd have invested heavily in ensuring they have the right people and the best software in place so they can design and manufacture access platforms to the highest standards our design team use the latest Autodesk Inventor software to design your bespoke access solutions, utilising unique tools such a frame generator to create the design with aluminium, steel and GRP (glass reinforced plastics) extrusions in a wide variety of profiles. This imparts an invaluable level of accuracy and precision to the end product, meaning upon delivery of your bespoke access solution it will meet your expectations from approving the initial drawings but in a tangible form.

We can also ensure your safety whist working at height by using revolutionary techniques via Autodesk Inventor such as frame analysis; this means we can virtually load the platform to determine a safe working load and evaluate the structural integrity of your solution from all angles.

If you require weld maps we can also produce these for you with the inventor system, our welders are coded and we have full trace-ability for every weld undertaken.

Design Technology


The design and 3D visualisation

We will first begin by creating a 3D visualisation of your product using the autodesk inventor system.


Safe Working Load Simulation

Using the specified information given at survey stage we will tailor the design around the Safe Working Load you provide and produce a load simulation from this


The Final Design

Upon establishing that the proposed design is optimised around your specified needs, we will then produce a series of approved drawings ready for fabrication.


Weld Map

If required we can also produce a weld map giving you full traceability of the welds, who the operative is who carried out the weld and what type of weld it is.

New Investment in Health & Safety features

Global platforms Ltd have always taken safety whilst working at height very seriously and do there utmost to ensure they have investigated all areas of the design and manufacture stages of access platforms to not only conform to all statutory regulations and British and European standards but to further engineer our products to be safer and more user friendly than our competitors in the access platform design technology industry.
Our latest design technology investment is a Cutting die manufactured to form aluminium box sections with a radius edge replacing the standard square edge produced when forming the aluminium which in its self can be a health and safety hazard due to the extreme sharp edge it forms.
These samples show the radius formed with the die tool which eliminates the sharp edge to give a smooth rounded finish for comfort when gripping and safety if fallen against.