Access Solutions for working at height for all industry types

If you feel you or your company are at risk whilst working at height Global Platforms Ltd are here to help and assist you to eliminate that risk by finding you or your company a solution to your specific situation. With a very diverse portfolio of existing clients who we repeatedly work alongside, we have come across a wide variety of circumstances requiring working at height systems for undertaking working at height, To-date we have not failed in providing a solution to keep operatives safe in the workplace as required under the working at height regulations. From fixed access platforms, mobile access platforms or powered access platforms to purpose-built access solutions, designed and manufactured at are own premises we are confident if you choose us to assist you with our working at height systems, you will soon become a returning customer using more than just one of the services we offer in the access platform industry.

Access Solutions Aviation

From fuselage, wing access, landing gear too full tail access solutions, Global platforms Ltd can design manufacture and supply safe working at height access platforms for all your maintenance operations on all types of aircraft including helicopter staging.

With existing clients such as BAE, Avalon Aero, MOD, Premi air and ATC we have the knowledge and experience to fulfil all your access platform requirements.

Access solution for aircraft
Step design
Aviation platform
Platform design

Access Solutions Bus and Coach Building

With many stages involved, Bus and Coach manufactures along with their Health & Safety departments need to have piece of mind that their operatives are carrying out their work at height as safely as practicably possible. We have the experience and knowledge in the industry and have proven time and again we have the capabilities to produce the bespoke access solutions the industry requires to give ease of access whilst keeping operatives safe whilst working at height.

access solutions for wind screen
design drawings
Access solution
design 2

Access Solutions Manufacturing and Engineering

Global Platforms Ltd have an extensive portfolio of clients from many different types of manufacturing and engineering companies, which means an extremely diverse set of circumstance which require working at height access platforms.

With the experience and knowledge obtained over the years Global platforms Ltd have never failed to find a solution to give safe working access to any situation around, over or under plant and machinery.

cantilever step platform
design for steps
Alloy platforms
Alloy platform design

Access Solutions Rail Industry

There are many different and unusual scenarios in the rail industry that require working at height platforms solutions. The team at Global platforms Ltd have the experience and knowledge to produce exactly the right solution to each particular situation requiring a safe working at height platform solution.

GRP access solutions
design 3
Train nose access solution
design 4

Access Solutions Transport and Heavy Haulage

HGV`S, Silo tankers, Refuge wagons, Refrigeration or any other type of vehicle Global Platforms Ltd will design and manufacture access platforms to suit your specific requirements to give you a means of safe working access whilst at height, eliminating the need to over balance or over reach which is a major factor in accidents whilst carrying out routine maintenance tasks.

Tanker platforms
design  5
access solution
final design