Helping you to stay safe with our platform solutions

Platform solutions for transport:

A very diverse industry with many different situations that require platform solutions for working at height, from manufacturing of vehicles to maintenance and servicing of the vehicles there will always be a risk of falls from height without the correct access system being used for the specific requirement, whether it be for HVAC maintenance or refurbishment, bolting an hinge on a tanks roof access, repairs to hinges and bolts on the doors of a articulated lorry or even a safe access platform on to a flat bed trailer or refuge wagon access Global platforms Ltd have the experience plus the design and manufacturing capabilities to produce the access platform solution to carry out the task safely and efficiently.

Platform Solutions for all Industries

Working closely with local councils and companies such as May Gurney we have a proven track record of supplying the platform solutions to suit your specific requirement.
Global platforms Ltd are at the forefront of the industry with their innovative ideas, designs, competitive pricing structure and full traceability through all stages of the design and build stages we know we can achieve the specific access platform you require to keep your operatives safe whilst working at height.