Work platforms samples

Global Platforms have designed and manufactured safe work platforms for many different types of businesses. Our experience allows a very diverse train of thought when it comes to working at height, many of our clients will contact us and then contract us to undertake feasibility studies on projects to ensure the working at height platforms they require will achieve their objective prior to going into the full design process. Our team of experienced surveyors, designers, project managers, fabricators and welders have a long track record of working collaboratively working with both potential and existing clients to ensure customer satisfaction on all bespoke access platforms projects.

work platforms 1

Roof access platforms

Pemberton leisure homes have been a long standing client and have had many individual work platforms over the years from us, this is just one example.

Made with a steel counter balance base on castors for ease of manoeuvrability and aluminium framing the platform was designed and manufactured for operatives to install the roofs on a production line of leisure homes.

Global platforms also undertake the periodic inspections to ensure the platform remains in safe condition for the use by the work force.

work Platforms 2

London tunnel platforms

Having gone through a tough tender process with Balfour Beatty Global platforms were successful and contracted to take on the design and manufacture of work platforms for operatives to carry out the installation of steelwork brackets in the first instance and then assist in the running of gables on the brackets.

The access solutions had to be capable of withstanding the test of time, continued use and the cold damp environment they were to be used in. The platforms also had to be easy to manoeuvre when erected and also required to grip the radius of the tunnel walls to avoid tipping on the curvature.

work platforms 3

Portland Bill platform

Qinetiq received an enquiry with a Summary of staging requirements which were: Needs to be portable, quick to install, Locking mechanism so that staging is securely fixed and flush with the ISO roof, British standard Hand rail / fence, to protect falls, COTS (if possible, minor mods acceptable) and Withstand a harsh marine (salt water) environment.
Our designers got to work and came up with the successful access system you see in the picture an excellent 6082 marine grade aluminium platform with GRP decks and checker-plate kick-boards. Global are now looking at a repeat order for Qinetiq in the far reaches of Scotland.

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Flask access platforms for Sellafield

Global platforms were successful with a tender package from Nuvia Ltd for the design and manufacture of access platforms to be used in Sellafield, the package consisted of 3Nr platforms, 2 x flask access platforms and one maintenance platform (pictured) which was required to be  mobile (over durbar plate floor) and had to be capable of being folded down to a maximum width of 500mm and Ideally height adjustable between 2880mm and 2350mm.

The contract was awarded and run under the Sellafield grade 2 quality assurance model, requiring full traceability for employees and materials and full design and manufacture quality plans in place to allow for witnessing and sign off stages.

work platforms 4

Aluminium towers: Ansell Jones

Attention to detail and a service focused on customer satisfaction ia part of the reason why once our clients have dealt with us when they require further work platforms they will return to us knowing  they will receive the efficient reliable service  they had previously.

Ansell Jones are just one of our returning customers, returning again for access platforms for shipping offshore.

In the image are 2Nr aluminium towers with steel decks with all parts fully powder coated for marine works.