Spider Platform Basket 20.95

The Platform Basket Spider 20.95 is a tracked aerial platform that can reach a working height of 20 metres. Equipped with the best technologies available in the market to offer operators superior performance, the Spider 20.95 platform is “ultra light” and easy to transport with a trailer. It stands as an icon in the 20-metre working height segment for its light structure, outreach, and 250kg basket load capacity without outreach restrictions. What’s more, it uses Platform Basket’s well-proven electronic control and movement system.
The Spider 20.95 offers exceptional ground clearance, enabling it to travel over obstacles, and comes standard with auto-stow, radio control for drive and emergency aerial operations, on-board display with operation diagnostics, and protection on all exposed parts against the risk of falling objects. The tracked self-propelled aerial platform has no hose and cable lines outside of the booms, includes air, water and 230 Vac power outlets, and features proportional and modular speed of drive and aerial movements.

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Cert No. 14470 ISO 9001

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