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Our Truck Mounts are a cost-effective solution for safely working at height in a variety of applications.

Truck mounts offer a fast solution to working at height tasks allowing you to get to and from site quickly and is easily set up for use in minutes. ​

With nationwide supply, we offer the option of either self-drive or with one of our highly experienced IPAF trained operators, enabling you to focus on the job in hand.

Ruthmann Steiger TB220


The Ruthmann Steiger TB 220 is one of the highest rated Truckmounts on the market for performing working at height tasks up to 22.1m with an impressive 12m Outreach.

Available for hire with or without operator.

Ruthmann TB220

Ruthmann Ecoline R-RS-20


The Ruthmann Ecoline R/RS/20 is one of the highest rated Truckmounts on the market for performing working at height tasks up to 20m with an impressive 10.7m Outreach.

Available for hire with or without operator.

The Ruthmann Ecoline R-RS-20

Truck Mount Bronto S38 XDT

The Bronto S38 XDT has all the key features required from a perfect aerial work platform. Telescopic cage boom, increased working load and compact design make the work at heights more efficient.


Truck Mount Multitel MT162 EX

The MT162EX has a maximum outreach of 11.5 metres with 230kg capacity, while it can offer up to 10 metres with its maximum capacity of 300kg. It features front and rear H-frame outriggers which can be deployed inline or on either side for use on highways and tunnels.


Truck Mount Multitel MZ 250

Hydraulic lateral extension stabilizers Stabs by hydraulically extensible cylinders Laterally extensible hydraulic stabilizers H-Abstützung.


Truck Mount Ruthmann T330

Maximum performance data and optimum handling make the new RUTHMANN STEIGER® T 330 the pinnacle of perfection in the 7.49 t (and up) truckmounted aerial platform sector. The sensational 33-metre working height and impressive 21.2-metre lateral outreach greatly benefit aerial-platform rental companies, gardeners, landscapers, industrial cleaners and craftsmen. The T 330 permits operators to carry out assignments that once required the implementation of much larger machinery. It is easy to use and courses little instruction time.


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Cert No. 14470 ISO 9001

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